AviaDev Insight Africa interviews Investment Director, Moritz Breickmann

AIIM Investment Director, Moritz Breickmann, was interviewed for the AviaDev Insight Africa podcast ahead of AviaDev in Madagascar, which Moritz will be attending as a speaker. Moritz spoke to Jon Howell, the founder and CEO of AviaDev, about AIIM’s airport projects and how the private sector can provide an attractive alternative for funding and managing African airport infrastructure.

AviaDev Insight Africa is the only podcast dedicated to African aviation and is listened to by aviation experts in 140+ countries globally, including in the US, Nigeria, South Africa and the UK.

You can listen to Moritz’s interview here: http://aviadevinsight.libsyn.com/episode-110-moritz-breickmann-investment-director-aiim-how-attractive-is-aviation-infrastructure-as-an-investment-proposition