African Infrastructure Investment Fund 3 (AIIF3)


USD399 million


May 2019


AIIF3 is AIIM’s third pan-African infrastructure fund continuing the mandate and strategy executed for the AIIF2 fund.

AIIF3 targets core and core-plus infrastructure investments in the power, transport and midstream energy sectors across sub-Saharan Africa.

AIIM’s strategy is to apply its investment experience, developed through investing in the sector since 2000, to countries and sectors where the gap between infrastructure supply and demand provides strong risk adjusted returns for investors.


Uquo IGB Project (Uquo), Nigeria
20% interest in an integrated gas processing and distribution business

BBOXX, Rwanda, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
28% interest in a next generation utility platform company

SEGAP, Cote d'Ivoire and Republic of Congo
50% interest in an airport holding company

Starsight, Nigeria and Ghana
38% interest in a distributed solar power energy project 

Amandi, Ghana 
14% interest in a 195MW multi-fuel power plant

Proton, Nigeria
85% interest in a 150MW OCGT power plant development 

Zina Solaire, Burkino Faso
49% interest in a renewable energy development company

Albatros, Mali
44% interest in a 90MW thermal power station

AIIM Hydroneo, Cameroon and Guinea
50% interest in a pan-African hydro power development platform

APCH, Tanzania and Zambia
66% interest in a specialist dry bulk terminal operator

Tema LNG, Ghana
22.5% interest in import/regas LNG terminal

Metrofibre, South Africa
9% interest in an open access fibre operator

Onix DC, Ghana
91% interest in a carrier neutral data centre

Eastcastle, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d’lvoire and Nigeria
35% interest in a telecom tower company

Sodigaz, Burkina Faso and Benin
29% interest in clean cooking business