Cookhouse Wind Farm generates and supplies renewable energy to the national grid, which provides clean power to thousands of South African homes under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Eskom (South Africa’s state-owned electricity company). Cookhouse has 66 turbines and a generating capacity of 138.6 MW.

Construction of the wind farm commenced in February 2013 with the first electricity being supplied to the grid in March 2014 and full commercial operations commencing on 19 November 2014.

Cookhouse has established itself as a market leader in the South African renewables industry. Over and above being one of the largest South African wind farms, it is 25% owned by the local community through the Cookhouse Wind Farm Community Trust – five times the government’s target for local community ownership.

Cookhouse Wind Farm management, supported by the shareholders and the developer, have established a Community Trust. This will ensure that local development projects will continue to benefit from dividends over the 20-year project life. The key focus is sustainable socio-economic development and economic upliftment.