South Africa: Old Mutual’s AIIM renewable projects can help end Eskom load-shedding

Co-MD, Vuyo Ntoi, has been interviewed by The Africa Report about how AIIM is backing the renewable energy projects that can solve South Africa’s load shedding problems. The Africa Report is a leading pan-African news organisation covering the continent’s biggest macro-economic developments.

“Renewables can make up the bulk of baseload [South Africa’s energy] generation. There will be a point where gas is not needed,” explained Vuyo.

AIIM has already supported 25% of the renewable energy plugged into South Africa’s grid and has now made strategic investments in projects that can ‘wheel’ even more renewable energy onto the grid. Unstable and undersized national grids are holding back the expansion of renewables across Africa but AIIM is driving investment in national grids by focussing on commercial and industrial projects.

You can read the full article online here.