The digital bedrock

Investment Director, Damilola Agbaje, was interviewed by pan-African business title, African Review regarding the need for continued investment in Africa’s digital infrastructure space.

As part of the interview, Damilola touches on AIIM’s own investment thesis in digital infrastructure, including its recent acquisition of Onix Accra 1, the only Tier IV data centre in Ghana.

“While it is clear that the continent is in need of more facilities like data centres, in practical terms this is often easier said than done. One daunting challenge, for example, is energy supply as large data centres can require a substantial amount of power, sometimes representing more than 100MW.

Agbaje explained, “If you break a data centre down into its constituent parts (in simple terms), it is power, cooling and facilitating access to connectivity. All of those have to be completed with the right level of redundancy to ensure you have maintain uptime.”

Read the full interview on page 20 of African Review’s latest issue.