Our Funds


Fund size ZAR1 320 million
Fund close January 2004

AIIF invests in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets across Africa, with a bias towards South Africa. It is predominantly invested in toll road assets, and has exposure to a South African wind farm.

AIIF was established in 2004, following the successful management of SAIF.


Umoya Energy, South Africa
56% interest in a 67MW wind farm

Trans African Concessions, South Africa & Mozambique
23% interest in a 570km toll road

N3 Toll Concession, South Africa
11% interest in a 415km toll road


Realised Investments

Kelvin Holdings, South Africa
68% interest in a 600MW coal-fired power station

Neotel, South Africa
6% interest in a fixed-line telecommunications company

Lekki Concession Company, Nigeria
42% interest in a 50km toll road