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Renewable Energy Investments SA


Status: ACTIVE

Sector: Renewable Energy - Solar

African Infrastructure Investment Fund 2 (AIIF2)
IDEAS Managed Fund

Location: Northern Cape, South Africa


REISA is the largest solar PV project awarded in Round 1 of the Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) and represented approximately 12% of the total procured capacity of 632MW awarded to solar PV projects.

REISA will generate and supply renewable energy to the national grid clean, delivering clean renewable energy to the Northern Cape and South Africa with a low environmental impact under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Eskom (South Africa’s state-owned electricity company). Beyond its contribution to sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity generation, REISA has and will continue to bring job creation and socio-economic development to the local communities within which it operates.