About AIIM

Investment Philosophy


AIIM’s investment philosophy has been extensively tested across regions, sectors and infrastructure asset types over 16 years of investing in Africa.

AIIM recognises that effective infrastructure is vital for economic growth and development of the African continent. As Africa becomes an increasingly attractive investment destination, through the improvement of political risk and corporate governance, the role of infrastructure in the development of the continent becomes more apparent.

Our investment process is founded on international best practice, adapted for the African investment environment.




Investment opportunities are sourced through our on-the-ground networks through exclusive negotiations, partnering with industry leaders and government privatisations.

Acquisitions are subject to extensive due diligence to meet AIIM’s investment criteria.




AIIM maintains strong representation on the boards and management committees of its portfolio companies.

AIIM’s asset management philosophy guides portfolio companies through contractual compliance and project execution with a focus on business plan implementation.

  • AIIM supports pollination of best practice across and into projects to increase operational efficiency and asset performance.
  • AIIM provides financial expertise to actively manage capital expenditures.
  • AIIM implements optimal capital structures to maximise returns to investors, while adapting to market conditions.

Our investment philosophy underpins our investment process, which aims to provide superior returns to investors while also making a tangible contribution to local economies and communities.